About the Council

We help companies improve their Indigenous inclusion performance with a competency based workplace inclusion system. As experts in Indigenous workplace inclusion, we collaborate with companies and organizations to help them improve strategies to build prosperous partnerships with Indigenous people, businesses and communities. We also created a charity, Kocihta, to build Indigenous workforce capacity.

We have a deep understanding of both the corporate world and the Indigenous community, and we move seamlessly between both worlds to build trusted partnerships that help close existing cultural gaps.

Through our advisory servicesworkplace inclusion diagnostics and various other services and products, we help companies forge relationships with the Indigenous community to enhance their membership value, brand value, and capacity to access the potential of Canada’s fastest growing, youngest, and most under-leveraged asset – Indigenous people.

We were founded as a non-profit national organization in 1998 as a recommendation from the Report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

Today, we are a national social enterprise that is ISO 9001 certified (quality management system). We do not receive core government funding -- our business is supported by companies/organizations that access the services and products we deliver to help them:

  • guide resolution with Indigenous communities
  • gain access to Indigenous lands and economic partnerships
  • reduce the potential for litigation issues that may occur due to lack of consultation
  • adhere to employment equity legislation
  • address skills shortages, diversity and employee engagement
  • recruit and retain Indigenous people – Canada’s youngest and fastest growing workforce
  • attract the growing Indigenous consumer base
  • build corporate brand within the Indigenous market space
  • leverage corporate social responsibility opportunities to advance the business case for inclusion
  • access expertise within an Indigenous inclusion community-of-practice through our Leadership Circle Membership program
  • facilitate business relationships between mainstream and Indigenous businesses.

Our seven-stage, Inclusion Continuum, is a seven-stage road map that helps organizations become an employer-of-choice for Indigenous talent, and a company-of-choice for Indigenous business partnerships. Our workplace inclusion diagnostics tools help companies benchmark and implement inclusion strategies, practices and behaviours.

We adopt a collaborative client approach in each of our client engagements – nationally and internationally. We credit our success to our extensive research into issues, insights and solutions around Indigenous workplace inclusion, and the deep knowledge of our senior staff and our Indigenous and corporate partners about Indigenous and corporate issues and cultures.

We have engaged hundreds of employers, including our group of Leadership Circle members, with proven Indigenous inclusion workplace solutions. We save corporations time and resources by helping them create timely opportunities as they travel with uncertainty through uncharted Indigenous territory.

We invite you to contact us to create a dialogue that will help you get started on your pathway toward prosperous relationships with Indigenous people, businesses, and communities.

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