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Kelly J. Lendsay speaks at the CEO World Forum about the importance of Indigenous inclusion in the workplace.

Connecting Business with our Indigenous Workforce

Kelly J. Lendsay, President and CEO of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council, explains how Aboriginal people—the fastest-growing labour force in Canada—want what everyone wants: connections to the workplace, and the ability to develop their human potential.


Indigenous people can bring resolve to your skills shortages and help advance markets and workplace inclusion efforts.


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We help companies build prosperous partnerships with Indigenous people, businesses and communities.

Our advisory services and product suite are designed to help you benchmark your inclusion efforts, advance your inclusion strategies, brand your company as an employer-of-choice / company-of-choice to the Indigenous community, and enhance your ability to recruit, retain and advance Canada’s fastest growing, youngest and most under-leveraged human resource asset of Indigenous people.

Contact us for help to actualize your business case for Indigenous workplace inclusion that will help you climb our seven-stage Inclusion Continuum.

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